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01: What is SuRoMa?

Hi Guys,  Thanks for the feedback on the first post! Now that you know a little bit about me and how I got here let's talk about the project! As I mentioned before, the name of the project is Sustainable Road Management through Low Cost techniquesbut to make it easier we just call it SuRoMa! The first word in that sentence is Sustainable and this really is key. It's a word that is used a lot in today's world but what exactly is it? Simply put, it is about doing things that will not only work now but that will continue to do so in the future without damaging our resources for the future. However as with most things in life, we need money to achieve goals and this is the same for road authorities worldwide. Road agencies usually have limited budgetsand are faced with difficult decisions on how to manage the roads to produce efficient and useful networks. It can be irritating being a driver or pedestrian using a road full of cracks and potholes and we tend to blame only the guys…
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00 : A New Adventure

Hi and Welcome!
I’m Ronald, a Civil Engineer all the way from Guyana! For those asking where or what is Guyana – well it’s a small country in the north of South America and surprisingly the only one in South America that speaks English. It is also considered a part of the Caribbean and we have a rich and diverse history and culture. The population is under 800,000 but the country is fairly big in terms of land areabeing about 1.6 times the area of England!. We have some stunning views and sites. You can take just a quick minute and check it out in this short video – I promise it'll be worth it!

After the video you can contact me about where to stay  on your holiday to Guyana :D